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Values in Business

There has been a long history of philosophical debate as to the complex nature of value, or ethics, as well as the validity of business or its purpose in society, states the author, Doug Rauch. In this article, Mr. Rauch seeks to apply principles of ancient spiritual tradition, Vedanta, to business experiences.

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The article has been published with permission of the publishers of the book, “The Key to a Meaningful Life”.  This book can be purchased from:

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Death and Capitalism

The topic of death is considered quite morbid and pessimistic.  More so to make it a focal point of one’s daily habits.  Yet if viewed in a healthy and wholesome way, it can be a very powerful tool in a capitalitic society.

In this commentary, read and hear views on death in daily context including how this subject affected Steve Jobs.


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Governance and Enlightened Capitalism

Governance and Enlightened Capitalism: The economic order of the world is at cross roads, states the author. Where has capitalism failed? In this article, the author examines blending of three concepts viz. Economics, Management, and Governance on the basis of Self Actualization and fulfillment.

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A Dialog on Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is a method of purifying the mind through work. … All fear and all desire to enjoy here or hereafter must be banished for ever by the Karma Yogi. The karma without desire of return will destroy selfishness, which is the root of all bondage. The watchword of the Karma Yogi is “not I, but Thou,” and no amount of self-sacrifice is too much for such a person. (Swami Vivekananda)

In his dialog on the above quote, Swami Tyagananda describes how principals of karma yoga not only are applicable in a capitalistic society but in fact helps to enhance profitability as viewed in proper perspective.


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Welcome to Enlightened Capitalism

Enlightened Capitalism is a platform that applies to businesses, the wisdom and insights from various spiritual, philosophical, cultural, literary traditions and also from individual experiences of experts in the field, in order to combine sound business practices with external success and internal fulfillment.

Open and free of any dogma or sectarian beliefs, Enlightened Capitalism is not designed to be a religious platform. It merely seeks to redefine the art of business by adapting diverse models in order to enable businesses reach their goals and maximize their profits.